PNY Telescopic pole for Action Cameras

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Get closer to the action !

Thanks to its 3 telescopic sections, the Action Pole lets you get as close as possible to the action and thus capture crucial moments from multiple angles.
Its innovative ergonomic design and its grip cover improves the grip and increases the stability of your shots.
The included adjustable strap and snap hook let you keep your Action Pole secure and close at hand at all times.


ACTION CAMERA SUPPORT: Works with the Hero® GoPro camera or any other similar action camera.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Thanks to its ergonomic design and its non-slip cover, the Action Pole allows for a more comfortable grip that's better suited to shooting videos or taking photos.

360° ROTATING HEAD:The Action Pole's rotating head lets you rotate the camera 360°, thus making shooting easier.

TELESCOPIC SECTIONS: Its 3 telescopic sections with a maximum length of 68 cm allow for wider shots and bring you as close as possible to the action.

TWIST & LOCK SYSTEM: Turn the sections a quarter-turn to lock or unlock them.

CLAMPING SCREW: Attach your action camera quickly and securely thanks to the included clamping screw.

FIXING SCREW: The screw thread integrated with the cap lets you attach the included straps or snap hook; it can also help you attach your Pole to a tripod.

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