Arkwhale Waterproof Bag for Smartphones pack of 5

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Product Description

Innovative New Range | ARK WHAT Winners of the iF product design award, ARK are an innovative design lead manufacturer of mobile phone accessories. Rain in the forecast? Heading out to the snow, beach or where the elements can possibly harm your device? Take the Arkwhale with you.
The Arkwhale is a weather proof bag built to protect your smart phone. Just place your phone inside, fold the top portion in tight and seal. You can still navigate your phone's screen while enjoying the great outdoors. That's right, your swype/input function works while behind the protective layer.
The pack includes 5 coloured bags (blue, green, orange, pink and white) and one elastic string to seal in your device. The Arkwhale fits most standard smart phones. Please check your smart phone size before purchasing.

  • Weather proof bags for smart phone include five color bags and one elastic string. 
  • Included colors are blue, green, orange, pink and white.
  • Maximum inner bag size is 70mm X 130mm. Most smart phones will fit in the Arkwhale. Please check your smartphone size.

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