Candy Crush In Ear Headphones - Apple

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Little known fact: the phrase 'that's a sweet fit, broseph' was actually coined in reference to our official Candy Crush earphones. The next best thing to shoving some bananas in your earholes, our delicious earphones comes in a range of awesome Candy Crush designs. There's red jelly bean, yellow lemon drop, orange lozenge and more.

They're compatible with most smartphones and MP3 devices, and carry sweet sound right into your head. We suggest using them to listen to the music of your favourite sweety-matching videogame, but then we're prone to suggesting that for most things...

DISCLAIMER: The broseph thing was actually about a hat.

  • In Ear Silicon plugs
  • 1 button remote with handsfree mic
  • 115 cm cable

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